Here's some stuff I've played on. It's really hard to put these samples in categories, but they're loosely organized by Blues, Wacky Ass Lounge, Country/Folk/Pop, Even New Age. A couple easy places to check out samples legally and free are Amazon and AllMusic. Some low quality video links at the bottom of the page.


John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers It's all good, so it's hard to pick a favorite, but how many people can say they've played with Eric Clapton?
OK, lots, but at least I'm one of 'em, and it was definitely a highlight. He's sounding as good as ever on the 70th Birthday Concert disk 2, tracks 2 thru 6. Mick Taylor's awesome on disk 1, tracks 6 thru 9. The unsung Buddy Whittington sings on disk 1, tracks 1 and 2, and plays great throughout it all, as does the even more unsung Joe Yuele. And of course John and Tom Canning always sound great.
Mostly '62 reissue Fender Precision on "In the Palace of the King". Plywood upright with gut strings on track 13, King of the Kings. Probably used the 5 string jazz on the rockier tracks. Easy enough to tell if you don't have to listen on these crappy little computer speakers.
Lots of different basses on "Road Dogs". 2 different uprights. A plywood with gut strings, and a carved one with jazz strings. Also have the trusty Precision '62 reissue with D'addario chromes and the 5 string Fender Jazz.
On "Stories", I think it's all the '62 reissue Fender Precision.
"70th Birthday Concert featuring Eric Clapton, Chris Barber and Mick Taylor" Amazon AllMusic
"In the Palace of the King" Amazon AllMusic
"Road Dogs" Amazon AllMusic
"Stories" Amazon AllMusic

Barry Levenson: "Hard Times Won featuring Johnny Dyer"
I'm playing my Kschier Brothers plywood upright bass with gut strings and a Barbera pickup on 3 tracks on this one.
1. Hard Times Won, 10. Drinking Stops Me Thinking, and 11. Slip Me Some Green, Jack.
Blake Watson, a great bass player, plays electric bass on the other tracks. Lots more great players on here too:
Barry Levenson playing guitar, writing, arranging, producing and whatever else there is to do. Dave Kida on drums,
Mike Thompson on keyboards, Phil Krawzak and Jeff Turmes on Horns.

Amazon AllMusic

Billy Sheets: "Please Tell Me Why"
That's an old plywood upright bass with almost as old steel strings. Also on these tracks are: Billy Sheets vocals, Jack Maeby keyboards, Joel Foy guitar and Jimi Bott drums.
Love Don't Love Nobody
Don't Let My Baby Ride
Please Tell Me Why

Bob "Pacemaker" Newham & the Blue Vanguards: "So-Cal Barbeque"
Lots of fun playing with Bob. He's one of a kind. An all around great guy and the jenn-u-wine article when it comes to blues drummers. He's got at least two CD's out, and they're both great. Email Bob to buy 'em.
Bob "Pacemaker" Newham; producer and drums, vocals on Smoke Screen
Barry Wadley; guitar on Stompin' with Pace
Bill Bates; guitar on Stompin' with Pace and Bald Headed Woman
Frank Tutweiler; guitar on Smoke Screen
Chris "Kid" Anderson; guitar on Daily Life, Big Headed Woman and Smoke Screen and vocals on Bald Headed Woman
Steve F'dor; piano
Ron Dziubia; sax on Stompin' with Pace and Bald Headed Woman
Stan Ruffo; sax on Daily Life and Smokescreen
me; Kschier Brothers plywood upright bass with gut strings and a Barbera pickup.
Recorded August 2002 at Pacifica studios in Culver City, CA.
Here's some MP3 excerpts:
Stompin' with Pace
Daily Life
Bald Headed Woman
Smoke Screen


Combo Au Go Go:
Josh Sklair; guitars, engineering and production
Jay Work; tenor saxophone and flute
Jerry Angel; drums
me; electric bass. I think it's a Fender Precision '62 reissue with GHS Brite Flat strings.
Recorded May 2000 at Josh's studio, Audiodrome.
. MP3 excerpt MP3 Streaming
Theme from Shaft 1.19 MB (excerpt) 3.53 MB RP
Theme from S.W.A.T. 666 KB (excerpt) 3.45 MB RP
Rock Steady/Soul Makossa/Low Rider 726 KB (excerpt) 5.22 MB RP
Bond Theme/Secret Agent Man 473 KB (excerpt) 3.75 MB RP
The Look of Love 725 KB (excerpt) 3.82 MB RP
Dick Tracy 771 KB (excerpt) 3.24 MB RP

Jean Paul Monsche
From demos I did with Jean Paul Monsche. He played piano and accordion and did the arrangements. And he did a great job as usual. The idea was to get some gigs for this groovy international lounge type thing. Don't know if it ever happened, but I got this great sounding CD out of it. That's my Kschier Brothers plywood upright bass with Spirocore strings and a Barbera pickup run direct into the board. Can't remember who all was on the session, but it's probably the usual cast of characters; Jay Work on reeds, Mike Sauer on drums, Tony Mandracchia on guitar and a bunch of other people I don't remember.
Recorded February 2002 at Pacifica Studios in Culver City, CA.
Here's some MP3 excerpts:
Amando Mio
C'est Si Bon
Donde Estas Yolanda
Lavie en Rose
Mambo Miam Miam

Jean Paul Monsche with Gia Ciambotti
More Jean Paul Monsche demos. This time with the immensely talented and really nice Gia Ciambotti singing. It's Jean Paul playing piano and arranging. Willie McNeil on drums and general grooviness. That's my 5-string Fender jazz bass with stock pickups before I put the Bartolini's in. Don't think I touched the low B string once. Once again the purpose is. . . . Get Gigs. Once again dunno. Once again I got a great sounding few songs on CD.
Recorded March 2002 at Joey Altruda's studio in Hollywood.
Here's some MP3 excerpts:
You Are My Sunshine

Friends of Dean Martinez:
I can't remember which tracks I played on, and they decided to have no liner notes.
So. . . .
On "Retrograde", I'm pretty sure that's me on: 2. Lonesome, 3. Fresca, 8. Monte Carlo, and 11. I Will Wait for You. I used an old plywood bass with really dead steel strings.
I think I did 6 or 8 tracks, and whoever the original bass player was did the other ones.
For Wichita Lineman, I used a really beat up old Fender knockoff they had at the studio.
All the tracks were recorded August 1996 in Tucson.
Retrograde (Check out tracks 2, 3, 8, 11) Amazon AllMusic
A Benefit for David Barsamain and Alternative Radio (track 10 Wichita Lineman) Amazon AllMusic


Skip Heller: "St. Christopher's Arms"
I'm playing electric and upright bass on about half of this. The multitalented
Skip Heller covers the rest of the bass parts. My favorites are tracks 5. Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You,
8. Waltz For Two Who Don't Dance, 11. Room to Room and 13. Teller.
Amazon AllMusic

Anny Celsi: "Little Black Dress And Other Stories"
I'm a little out of my league on the pop stuff, but I think it came out pretty well. I got extra help on this from drummer, engineer and producer extraordinaire, Kevin Jarvis. You can buy this CD at CD Baby.
Summer Fling
Can't Win 'Em All

Claudia Russell: "Ready to Receive"
A bit of folk music from a wonderful singer/songwriter. You can buy this CD at CD Baby.
Just Like You
Lie To Me

Darenda Owens
Here's some MP3 excerpts of demos I did with fabulous country singer Darenda Owens. That's Mr. Everything Bobby Robles on guitar and Mr. Solid Chris Ross on drums. I'm playing the trusty '62 reissue P-bass with flatwound strings. Recorded April 2004 at Barry Paul Studios in North Hollywood.
Here's some MP3 excerpts:
Hungry Love


Indigo Triangle: "Code of the Heart"
EdWing; zithers, butterfly harp, guitars
Oba Omo Ogun Osogba; percussion, congas, djembe
The Nick Of Time; earth tone bass generator
Cofe Fiakpui; didgeridoo
Tadashi Namba; keyboards
Dawn Norfleet; vocals, flute
Cristo Pellani; percussion
Maya Rose; vocals
Hope; cello
Charles Owens; english horn
Sam Most; clarinet
Renee Lamour; vocals
me; upright bass
Vaya con Dios
Maitreya is Coming
Journey to Amatlan


Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor:

Bluesbreakers with Robben Ford: